GST Customer Billing Queries

Dear All

As we move to release new bill generation module, our team needs some clarifications:

Firstly, we are adding following data to masters:

  • Customer GST Billing state and city- where customer wants bill to be submitted
  • State wise GSTIN for customer
  • Transporter GSTIN details- state wise

We have some queries

  • If customer wants separate billing in each state- will this be under same customer code or we need to open one customer code each for each state
  • Will customer specify whether they need IGST or SGST+CGST based bills?
  • Do we select where customer wants billing? Will this vary for each billing cycle for a given customer?
  • If so, does it mean that billing program should stop of there is no matching Transporter GSTIN in state where customer requires billing
  • For e.g. customer insists that he needs SGST+CGST in say Sikkim, but transporter has no GST registration in Sikkim- should be stop billing or allow IGST (customer did not want IGST)?

Do provide your feedback...


  1. 1) single customer code
    2) No customer can't specify GST but they specify which place need invoice based on this systems should pickup GST
    3) yes customer can ask every time new location of service
    4) yes if GSTIN not match with state then invoice should not be generated
    5) yes it should stop generation of invoice

    1. Thanks for your replies. Does this mean that Transporter can simply tell customer we will charge IGST if not registered in your state? Customer can always adjust IGST against CGST and SGST as he wishes. SO why register specially for a customer at his state?

    2. Yes that should be if billing address not in same state then by default igst will apply. And igst can be setoff subject to first they utilities full credit of c/s gst then ( This is my understanding)


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